About Lands & Valuation


The Department of Lands has existed from colonial period as a Department under the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) until 1994 when it was shifted to be a department under the ministry responsible for land matters. The department started as Land Management Department, mainly concentrating on conferring titles and registering dealings in land. It added the valuation and estate management functions upon the dissolution of the Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC).

The functions of the Department of Lands are to:

  • Ensure legality of land transactions and promote their registration;
  • Ensure proper management of land and its efficient utilization;
  • Coordinate the formulation, definition and execution of land policies and laws; and
  • Allocate plots on public land.


The department has three sections namely:

  • Legal Services;
  • Valuation Services; and
  • Estate Management Services.