Estate Management Services

Responsibilities of the Estate Management Services;

The roles of the Estate Management Services Section are:

  • Development of land in terms of plot demarcation and provision of basic infrastructure, such as access roads, electricity and water;
  • Coordinating allocation of plots by the respective allocation committees in areas where plot allocation committees are in place; and
  • Inspection of leased land to monitor compliance of lease covenants.

The Estate Management section offers the following services;

1. Covenant monitoring;

  • The lease covenants that are monitored include development compliance, payment of land rent compliance. This is done through plot inspections and updating of file 

2. Infrastructure provision i.e. water, electricity and tarmac access roads;

3. Fixing and reviewing development charges and other charges;

  • Development charges are reviewed based on cost of providing the infrastructure services

4. Coordinates demarcation and allocation of plots.

  • Before plot allocation, land indentified, demarcated into plots by the department of physical planning and then surveyed by the department of surveys

5. Collecting land rent

  • Paying land rent by a lessee is one of the obligations or conditions contained in an offer of lease. Land rent is paid annually and revived at interval of three years

The lease process under estate management services section is as follows;

  1. Application for a plot; application fee is at K5,000.00.
  2. Allocation of land/plot  by the allocation committee in the department.
  3. A letter of an offer of a plot is sent to applicant, it states the development charges, fees and duties to be paid as an acceptance. After finishing paying the said money a certificate of completion is issued.
  4. Then the applicant is asked to have building plans produced for approval to the town planning committee. after approval a notice of decision is issued after that a Ministerial Approval is sought and  a draft Lease Document is prepared in triplicates to be executed/signed by the two parties, stamped and registered by government. Upon being registered copies of the title deeds are distributed accordingly and what remains is that the lessee must be paying ground rent using the ground rent notice.