Land Surveying Services

This Division is headed by Deputy Surveyor General (LSS) at P3 (E) grade and is responsible for the following functions-:

  • Provision of trigonometrical surveys
  • Provision of Topographic surveys
  • Provision of cadastral surveys

Trigonometrical and Topographic Surveys are responsible for;-

  • Establishing surveying  processing and publishing geodetic data.
  • I identifying and surveying of control points for mapping.
  • Field data capture for map revision.
  • Conducting scientific observations for earth movements and other displacements.
  • Carries out topographic surveys for engineering purposes such as planning, designing, setting out e.t.c.

Cadastral Survey section is responsible for :-

  • Demarcation and survey of administrative boundaries both local and international.
  • Survey of parcel  (plots)  boundaries for security of tenure.
  • Producing registry maps to support registration of title.