Legal Framework & Mandate

The Department derives its mandate from the Land Survey Act chapter 59:03 of the Laws of Malawi and some sections of the Registered Land Act  chapter 58;01, the Adjudication of Titles Act chapter 58:03 and Customary Land (Development) Act chapter 59:01.

However the Act has outlined its usefulness in view of the many developments that are taking place in the field of land surveying and mapping.  These include the advent of GPS, GIS, ICT, internet and mobile technologies, the implementation of the recommendations of the Decentralisation policy and the National Land Policy among many others.  It is however pleasing to learn that the Land Survey Bill which is awaiting Parliamentary approval has taken most of these observation on board.

Land Surveyors Registration Board

The Land Survey Act provides for the establishment of the Surveyors Registration Board to regulate the land surveying and mapping operations in the country   In particular the Board;  

  • Recommends qualifications for land surveyors and institutions where such qualifications can be obtained from.
  • Registers and licenses land surveyors to permit them to practice in the country.
  • Reviews the survey Rules and Regulations for recommendation to the Minister.
  • For details of Registered land  surveyors contact the Secretary to the Board on +265 993010341.

To carry out its mandate and functions the Department is divided into two main sections;

  1. Technical services
  2. Administration and Management