Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Reforms

The Ministry is implementing reforms in line with the current Government agenda to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the public services. Some of the reforms require lengthy period to be fully implemented whereas others require a shorter period. The following are three reform areas to be implemented by the Ministry:


  1. Policy and Legal Reforms;
  2. Administrative Reforms; and
  3. Institutional Reforms.

Policy and Legal Reforms focuses on development various policies and enactment of various pieces of legislation governing delivery of services by the Ministry to the public. The following policies will be developed and adopted:

  • National Housing Policy;
  • National Land Use Policy;
  • National Urban Policy; and
  • National Resettlement Policy.

To improve its service delivery, the Ministry also intends to review the land and formulate laws. The formulation and review of the following laws will be considered as part of the reform:

  • Land Bill;
  • Customary Land Bill;
  • Registered Land (Amendment) Bill;
  • Lands Acquisitions (Amendment) Bill;
  • Physical Planning Bill;
  • Land Survey Bill;
  • Malawi Housing Corporation (Amendment) Bill;
  • Landlord and Tenant Act;
  • Valuation Act;
  • Sectional Titles Act; and
  • Resettlement Act.


Under the administrative reforms, the Ministry will computerize and modernize its land information to improve on transactions with its clients and delivery of services to the general public. Under Institutional Reform, the Ministry would like to review its organisational structure and improves on information provision and communication of Ministry’s activities to the public.