Rural Housing Section


  • To improve the performance of the Rural Housing Scheme.
  • Improving and enhancing housing conditions in rural areas by facilitating the rural communities’ access to quality housing. 

Steps taken to achieve named objectives

Formulation and implementation of policies on rural housing delivery and rural settlements.

Formulation and dissemination (Including Building Capacity) of building standards for rural housing and rural settlements.

Dissemination of new appropriate and affordable building materials and technologies.

Coordinating and mainstreaming disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction, relating to rural housing and rural settlements.

Strengthen decentralized rural housing delivery, in line with the decentralization policy.

Support rural families improve their housing through provision of proto-type house-designs, technical guidance and technical supervision.

Coordinate and liaise with various players in rural housing delivery including facilitating access to housing finance (such as credit) for rural housing.