Town & Country Planning Act

The TCPA enacted in 1991 provides the legal mandate for the department to administer physical planning practice in Malawi.  The law provides for the powers of the Minister, Office and duties of the Commissioner, the Board, Planning authorities, Plans and plan making, Development control and enforcement, Special areas, Development by Government Departments, Acquisition of Land and Compensation for planning purposes, Appeals, regulations among the important parts.

The Physical Planning Bill that will replace the Town and Country Planning Act provides for new areas as follows;

  1. Whole country being a planning area
  2. Creates new institutions of;
  • Physical Planning Council to hear appeals, make national level planning decisions and advise Minister.
  • Physical Planners Board to register qualified physical planners and regulate their conduct.
  • Duties and responsibilities of Commissioner articulated.
  • Composition and functions of local government authorities’ planning committees clarified.