The Valuation Services

Responsibilities of Valuation Services;

The roles of Valuation Section include:

  1. Carrying out assessment of land and properties to determine value for compensation payments by Government; and
  2. Provides valuation services to the public, City and District Councils, National Roads Authority, other government departments and the private sector. This valuation is done on properties for purposes of:
  •   Compensation assessment;
  •   Land rent assessment;
  •   City/Town rates calculation; and
  •   Reserve prices determination.

The Valuation Services section offers the following services;

  1. Land and property assessment for various purposes i.e. compulsory purchase, inventory, reserve prices;
  2. Fixing and reviewing land rent;
  3. Formulation and execution of government valuation policy of all kinds of properties for different purposes;  and
  4. Advising government on existing and proposed relevant legislation on valuation.
  5. Compensation and resettlement.

Purposes of Valuation

  • Property assessment for insurance
  • Capital valuation (Open Market Valuation)
  • Mortgage (loan Security)
  • Rating
  • Rent
  • Compensation (compulsory purchase)
  • Asset valuation