Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. I want to know if my property is registered?

A. Yes – when we find the plot number stated by the applicant, it is in our records. No – when we cannot find the plot in our records.

Q. I want a consent i.e. a consent to transfer, consent to charge or a consent to sub-lease?

A. You submit your application through lawyers of your choice, who will submit to our office on your behalf and pay the consent fee of K1,000.00

Q. I want to lease a land?

A. If the land is under MG, you submit applications through regional land office, who prepare legal lease documents for registration at the Land Registry, after all legal requirements have been complied with. If the land belongs to other stakeholders, application of their format are processed by them and at the Land Registry they submit legal documents for registration. Therefore a lease is granted by the landlord, MG, City Assembly, MHC etc.

Q. I want a Land Certificate or Certificate of Lease?

A. The Applicant is asked for the plot number and if the property was registered and a certificate not issued, we ask the applicant to pay K500.00, being the certificate fee, and the certificate is issue. But if the certificate issued already is lost the applicant is advised to advertise then, after 21 days, a new certificate is issued.