• To manage national housing legal framework
  • To provide adequate and suitable office and housing accommodation to government and public servants throughout Malawi.
  • To facilitate access to affordable, safe secure urban housing for all income groups.
  • To create an enabling environment to encourage investment in urban housing by local and foreign investors.  
  • To facilitate the provision of quality, cost effective and timely built and environment infrastructure and management of government buildings.
  • To Coordinate human settlements with international organizations

Department of Housing has five sections namely;

  1. Management and support services
  2. Rural Housing Development
  3. Home ownership Scheme
  4. Urban Housing
  5. Estate Management and Valuation


Ensure creation of the most economically successful and socially integrated urbanizing systems in Malawi.


The goal is to provide direction to processes of infrastructure development that supports socio-economic and industrial development with special emphasis on seven prioritized urban development themes namely: aesthetics, city marketing, transport and road infrastructure, power and water provision, economic development, job creation, and sanitation.

Medium Term Expected Outcome

Improved and sustainable system of local authorities and urbanizing systems providing their own utilities, transportation, production and export capability.

Key Strategies

The key strategies include:

  1. Support processes of enhancing the place attractiveness of cities and urbanizing systems to local and foreign investment.
  2. Building capacity of management in local authorities and urbanizing systems.
  3. Providing support to processes of urban renewal and slum upgrading.
  4. Support the development of utilities, mechanisms and structures in local authorities and urbanizing systems for the provision of critical urban infrastructure vital to industrialization, global exportation competences and enhanced urban living.
  5. Supporting local authorities and urbanizing systems to create job, training and skills centers/ incubator.