Physical Planning


Sustainable use and management of land and development for all


To facilitate the provision of physical planning services to the general public at all levels in an effective and efficient manner.


To achieve orderly, coordinated, efficient and environmentally sound socio-economic development and securing proper use and development of urban and rural land and land based resources.


The objectives of the department include the following:

1. Formulating, reviewing and implementing an equitable national spatial land use and management policy and strategies.

  • By undertaking social – economical surveys and studies to see how best these can assist in land use planning.
  • By studying the current land use, planning trends and seeing how best the current challenges and trends can be improved.

2. Preparing and reviewing national, district and local (urban and rural) physical development plans

  •  By looking / identifying the current demands for national, district and local physical development plans as a basis of knowing the number of developments required to be planned.

3. Provide urban and rural development control regulations, standards and guidance

  •  By conducting stakeholders’ workshops to ensure that required standards and regulations are accepted by all.

4.  Monitoring and enforcing  the implementation of national, district and local physical development plans

  • By conducting site or field verification to check compliance of developments based on approved plans.
  • By sensitizing people to understand the existence of plans, its importance and the need for compliance.
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