The Department of Surveys is the Official Agency of the Government of Malawi on all matters of land surveying and mapping.   The Department is responsible for national land surveying and mapping.  It is also the national focal point for Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing.  It is headed by the Surveyor General.  


The vision of the Department is to have a nation where timely, accurate updated and reliable geospatial information (land surveying and mapping) is readily accessible for socio-economic development and sustainable planet earth.  


The mission of the Department is to provide timely, accurate, reliable geospatial information and standards through efficient utilization of appropriate technology to various business Government, developers and the citizenry to drive efficiencies that underpin decision making, support economic growth and help tackle global issues including sustainability and resources management.  

Strategic Outcome

Improved provision of geospatial information in the country.


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