Lands & Housing Charter

The Ministry of Lands and Housing Service Charter is a statement of intent of the Ministry’s commitment to provide best possible service standards to its clients. It sets out the standards of services the clients can expect from Ministry of Lands and Housing. It is also the evidence of our resolve to offer the best services. The charter is the cornerstone of the Ministry of Lands and Housing initiative to improve service delivery in the Lands and Housing Sectors. It also serves as a gauge against which the performance of our service delivery can be measured.

This Charter is a framework designed to create effective conditions for the functioning of the Ministry of Lands and Housing so that its services are available, accessible and of high quality.The Ministry’s Service Charter will help to establish new relationship between the Ministry and its environment in order to meet clients’ expectations, development needs and adapt to the profound changes taking place in the country.

The charter is based on the Malawi Public Service Charter and it is consistent with the provisions of the Constitution of Malawi and key Government policies, regulations and legislations. More specifically, it is designed to respond to the situation in Malawi taking into account the following:

  1. The growing desire to improve service delivery that has necessitated various Public Sector Reforms;
  2. The need to put the Output Based Budget and Performance Management Systems into perspective, that encourages public agencies to measure and assess performance; and
  3. The need to help internalize the culture of service, non-discrimination, participation, responsiveness, transparency and accountability both in the Public Servants and clients.

To read  the whole policy follow this link.

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