Registration Process

Public Land in Cities

  1. Applicant fills application forms.
  2. Allocation committee offers plot with lease conditions and applicable fees payable.
  3. Applicant submits building plans to Town & Planning Committee.

Customary and Public Land in Districts

  1. Applicant given land by chief or government agencies.
  2. Applicant fills lease application forms and submits to regional Commissioner with a Plot sketch upon payment of applicable fees.
  3. Regional Commissioner submits application to Town & Planning Committee.

Lease Processing

  1. Town & Planning Committee vets submitted applications/plans.
  2. A Memorandum is submitted to  the Minister to approve the lease application.
  3. Cadastral Survey is done by Surveys Department.
  4. Lease Documents are  prepared in triplicate, signed and stamped by parties involved.
  5. Title Deed is finally registered and copies distributed.
  6. Leasee is required to pay ground rent annually in accordance with the Lease Agreement.

Below is a flowchart of this process:

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