The section exists to manage and account for financial resources.

The section is responsible for the management of institutional financial resources. It therefore, among other things, processes payments, collects and accounts for the leases and fees, prepares financial reports and annual budgets in accordance with statutory requirements. In addition, the section is responsible for maintaining financial records, thus guides the financial decisions thereby ensuring that financial policies, procedures and controls are in place and firmly adhered to. 

In pursuit of its purpose, the section carries out the following functions: -

  • Management of main accounts
  • Processing of salaries and advances
  • Management of development accounts
  • Provision of cash office services
Sections under Finance

The section is responsible for all management accounting services.

The section strives “to provide management accounting services”

The section performs the following functions:
  • Conduct financial analysis of the Ministry
  • Produce financial reports for the Ministry

The section is responsible for financial accounting services for the Ministry.

The purpose of the section is “to provide financial accounting service”

The section performs the following functions

  • Manage salaries of the Ministry’s staff
  • Manage Ministry’s expenditures
  • Manage Ministry’s revenue