This section is responsible for the computerization and networking of operations of the Ministry. The section develops implements and manages reliable management information systems which provide accurate and timely information and data for management decisions.

The purpose of the section is “To provide information and communication technology services”.
Government of Malawi recognizes ICT as an   important sector with the potential to significantly contribute towards the country’s socio-economic and infrastructure development. ICT is a vital tool for improving the efficient and effective delivery of public services. Use of ICT enhances the production, transportation and provision of information to the general public for human development as well as for making informed decisions

In order to achieve the above purpose, the section performs the following functions

  1. Enforcement of ICT Services, standards and guidelines.
  2. Management of e-services and ICT infrastructure
  3. Monitoring and evaluation of all ICT activities
  4. Implement and manage ICT solutions
  5. Backup and recovery
  6. Provision of user training and support
The ICT section is headed by the Deputy Director